Thursday, March 31, 2005

Can you read minds?

Well if your web browser can suport java applets, you can check and see at today's Site-A-Day, It's an interesting online java game, in which you are randomly connected to any other person currently playing this game. You are then shown some random pictures grabbed from the web, and you have to label them with a word each guess, and you have to try and get at least one same word your opponent has guessed. You can't see what your opponent is guessing, so it really derives the name of the game, The ESP Game! Check it out today! And remember, another Site-A-Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Vertigo Gaming!

Try out totally cool freeware games at today's Site-A-Day!,! Vertigo Gaming makes lots of cool freeware games that have that unique, fresh style, mixed with original creativity, along with some good ol' homebrew charm. Their games are really fun to play and are intended to entertain everyone with originality, creativity, and excellent gameplay. They have games of various genres, such as Ore No Ryomi 2, a restaurant simulator like those "tycoon" games. They have the Helicopter Cacophony Triology for the complete hardcore action gamer, or the Atlantis Triology for the Arcade crowd. Sandbox of God is a mindblowing game for strategy thinkers, or if you want to have simple 10 minute fun, try their WalMart Parking Challenge! Though I'm sure your gameplay time will last more than 10 minutes (they are ever so addictive) Don't stay there too long though, cause there's another Site-A-Day! tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Convert Images into Text!

Today's Site-A-Day! is, where you can upload just about any kind of image, and convert it into coloured text! Haven't you ever seen one of those images made from text characters? Well, this one does the whole conversion process automatically online, using settings you can modify at your will! For example, you can choose if the image should be in color or not, the size of the characters, how many characters should be on a line, the background color, and even what characters are used! If you're a fan of The Matrix, they also recently introduced a "Matrix" style image converter that converts images into green matrixy code on a black background! It's still in beta stages though, but it's worth a try! And if that's not enough, they even give instructions on how to put these converted text images onto a web page! You really should check out their samples gallery, and try out their completely online image converter today, Cause there's another Site-A-Day tomorrow!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Movies in 30 Seconds!

Imagine the terrifying thrill of Jaws, or the scary fright of The Exorcist, the romance of the Titanic, or even the Sci-fi action of Alien, with only one exception: Each movie lasts 30 seconds and more importantly: they're re-enacted by bunnies. Trust me, everyone who visits will have the time of their lives as they watch their selection of "mini-movies" in their 30 second bunnies theatre. (Don't forget their "Slasher" series) It's a laugh as you see the movies blazing before your eyes ever so quickly and done ever so funnily by bunnies. This is seriously what you call creative. Go on down to and have a little laugh, it'll make your day.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Very First Site-A-Day!

The first Site-A-Day I'd like to introduce to you guys would be a really funny one, actually, to get this blog started and kicked off. You'll need the free Macromedia Flash Player for this, though. You can get it from here for free.

So anyway, imagine this: a hippo, no, a purple hippo in a sumo wrestler outfit dancing to Thong Song by Sisqo, and the hippo's name is Kozo. Unimaginable, isn't it? Check out this short flash movie clip here! Trust me, it's a BLAST! This short clip had me rolling over with laughter for weeks, and they even have downloadable screensavers, wallpapers, icons, desktop themes, and heck, even message board avatar images. Check it out! Trust me, you won't regret it!