Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Convert Images into Text!

Today's Site-A-Day! is www.text-image.com, where you can upload just about any kind of image, and convert it into coloured text! Haven't you ever seen one of those images made from text characters? Well, this one does the whole conversion process automatically online, using settings you can modify at your will! For example, you can choose if the image should be in color or not, the size of the characters, how many characters should be on a line, the background color, and even what characters are used! If you're a fan of The Matrix, they also recently introduced a "Matrix" style image converter that converts images into green matrixy code on a black background! It's still in beta stages though, but it's worth a try! And if that's not enough, they even give instructions on how to put these converted text images onto a web page! You really should check out their samples gallery, and try out their completely online image converter today, Cause there's another Site-A-Day tomorrow!


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