Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Vertigo Gaming!

Try out totally cool freeware games at today's Site-A-Day!,! Vertigo Gaming makes lots of cool freeware games that have that unique, fresh style, mixed with original creativity, along with some good ol' homebrew charm. Their games are really fun to play and are intended to entertain everyone with originality, creativity, and excellent gameplay. They have games of various genres, such as Ore No Ryomi 2, a restaurant simulator like those "tycoon" games. They have the Helicopter Cacophony Triology for the complete hardcore action gamer, or the Atlantis Triology for the Arcade crowd. Sandbox of God is a mindblowing game for strategy thinkers, or if you want to have simple 10 minute fun, try their WalMart Parking Challenge! Though I'm sure your gameplay time will last more than 10 minutes (they are ever so addictive) Don't stay there too long though, cause there's another Site-A-Day! tomorrow!


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